About Us and Our Beginning

About Us

I’m Ken Park, Jr.  Owner of 603 Boudoir Photography.  Here are a few bits of information to get you familiar with us, about our services and about why we have emerged as a trusted photographic resource for your Boudoir Photography needs. 

First , I am a human and I have struggled with my own body image.  To me I still loved who I was, but one fateful day, I saw myself differently.  And even to this day, I see my old self in a different light. so for me, weight was always and issue, but I digress. 

Body image in many cases of our clients is one issue that seems to be a common theme.  So we understand the need to be comfortable in our own skin, and that is area that is pretty important to a lot of our clients. 


So after some classes with some great people I learned a lot about myself and what I can do to help women with this particular subject.  So there I was armed with this new concept and idea on how I could help people like myself.  As an accomplished, and published photographer I was looking to do something that was important and likely meaningful. 

So I decided to get out of my own comfort zone and get to some online classes, which was the best thing I have every done and NOW I’ve begun transforming lives by simply helping clients see the absolute beauty that you just cannot see even staring in the mirror.   

I love to drive and whenever I get the chance, whether it’s to see friends and family or just to get away, I will and it is usually with my camera gear in tow.

I am  somewhat of an introvert, where my camera allows me to have a voice.  Capturing moments that people love and admire.

I have lived in New Hampshire for most of my life.  And you will be hard-pressed to get me to consider moving.  I love the Four Seasons, and I don’t have a favorite season, but Spring and Summer and Fall are tied for First Place.

Owner of 603 Boudoir Photography and Rita H. taken by Julien Dumont

Are you worth it?

Now you have learned a little about me, it’s now all about you.  I am here to be a guide and a supporter of your journey.  The power of great photos are exactly what I promise to deliver.  If you are not at al comfortable and satisfied, then we haven’t done our work.  I give you a chance to have the confidence that this is completely risk free. 

What I Do

I have a talented team!
Check what we can do!


Boudoir Portraits

Classic or daring we'll work within your comfort level to show how GORGEOUS you REALLY are!


Outdoor Boudoir Portraits

Fun in the Sun, classic or daring display while your toes wiggle in the sand under your feet.


Weddings Boudoir Portraits

Nothing like giving your husband to be a GORGEOUS pictorial of yourself as a wedding night gift.  We'd be happy to make this moment truly special for you and yours.


Glamour Portraits

Glamour sessions are available and we'll never talk you into something your don't feel confident in your own skin.


Couples Boudoir

Nothing more important than to share in the empowerment of your lady.  Join your GORGOUS other for a playful intertwinning of your love in full color or high contrast black and white portraits.


Cos-Play Boudoir

Nothing like stepping outside of yourself to be someone else.  Be something other than how your normally are can be a beautiful thing to spread your wings.

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