603 Boudoir Photography Application – Folow up Questionaire

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Boudoir Photography in and around New Hampshire to feel sexy again!

This questionnaire is a follow up to your application. CONGRATULATIONS!!


You have  thought about a boudoir for a while and we are prepairing for your photo shoot!  I’m Ken Park, Jr. and the owner of  to   603 Boudoir Photography   a Premier Service to feel sexy, and beautiful through the art of Boudoir Photography, right here in New Hampshire!


First off, welcome!

We are not expecting you to come and know how to be a supermodel. We will will inspire you to pose, move, and give you directions down to the finger tips guided to fully express yourself.

We will make you feel comfortable and relaxed and empowered all at the same time.

What ever your desired style is, we can turn your session into the  rock star you desire, or a simple classic look that shows off your best self and we will create photos that empower your personality.

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Follow up questions we have to cater your session to your needs!

  • Please Enter your name.
  • Please select your purpose for the session.
  • Your session is all about you, right down to your makeup! Select your style from the choices below.
  • Your hair style is important, if you desire a certain look, let us know your choice. This can be changed later, this gives us a rough style to begin with.
  • Please note these additional services are not included except for wardrobe consultant. If you are wanting an opinion, the photographers time is free, if you would like my assistant to be your consultant, her time is not included. $25.00/hr fee for phone, and $75.00 - $100 for in person travel expenses and $35.00/hr in person fee. (Not Required to select an option)
  • Your session is all about your intended level of revealing yourself in your photo session. We will never make your session uncomfortable. You call the shots and we are here to make the most of your final looks. We are open to classic to more daring. Your job is to tell us what you would like us to take the session.
  • These are add-on to your collection order.
  • We all have a good side, a favorite part about ourselves. Let us know what feature your love and help us capture that in a gorgeous way!
  • We download 1-Hour's worth of your favorite music, with a few of our music, to highlight when it is time for an outfit change.
  • Let us know which ad, if you recall, that got you interested in our service! If you can recall.
  • This is for shipping your product, if you are outside the area, we'll happily deliver it to your home, in hopes to capture your reaction to opening up your collection. If you come from further away, we can drop ship your package to you, however we really want to see the happiness in your purchase!
  • If you have been to our site, what images did you love, just a brief description is helpful. (Not required to enter)
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    We have a lead time of about 10 days for normal delivery, expedited service is an option, if this is for a special occasion and time is short. Pick a date that you honestly need the images by. If normal wait times work for you, you don't need to enter a date.
  • We are available to you when ever you need. You can text, e-mail or make a phone call to answer any last minute questions you may have.