Does the price include the hair and make-up?



YES!  The service 603 Boudoir Photography provides covers your whole session.  The hair and make-up is included, and we even book the session for you.  Please keep in mind that we do request a retainer in order to book with the salon.  If you cancel at last minute the salon typically cannot reschedule the session and we cover their time you would be normally at the session.

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I’ve never done anything like this before and I am SUPER nervous! How could these photos turn out so well?

We here at 603 Boudoir Photography toatally understands where you are coming from.  A lot of clients have felt much like you could be feeling.  We make you feel more at ease first by making sure you are not in your session by yourself.  You are allowed to have a guest with you at all times and are never alone in the area of the photographer and the photographers assistant.   We take your safety and comfort into account and hoep that you are completely at ease while the session is ongoing.


How long does a 603 Boudoir Photography session take?

First off this is production, and you should consider this to be a 4 – 5 hour process.  First off we send you to our salon.  And the stylist has you at their office for up to 2-hours  and then our sessions are 1-Hour long, and then we break for lunch or dinner and then we come back the SAME DAY and review the images for pproximately an hour.  The great thing our clients love most is seeing the images the SAME DAY!  And we love showing off our ability to present a rough edit of the great photos and photography we have taken that it just makes the whole experience life changing.


Do you have any suggestions about the best outfits for a boudoir session?

We can provide as much or as little help you wish to address your wardrob considerations for your session.  We can even provide you with a personal shopper for you.  This service is not included in the session fee, but can be ordered as part of your services you recieve from 603 Boudoir Photography.  In addition we have a few items in a collection on Amazon, of some wonderful sexy outfits that you can select to purchase.  And who doesn’t love shopping?  You can check out the our Amazon List here.

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Our service provides Portrait Boudoir Photography, but generally we are about empowering our clients to see themselves in beautiful light, but in an intimate way.


Landscape Photography

Taking an adventure to a remote location to be photographed, can be one of the most thrilling adventures that can change your confidence.


Playing your favorite artists during your session.

Part of the application process we may ask for a list of your favorite artists and bands, to play during your session.  This is a great way to be empowered during your session and help you feel more beautiful and help you break out of the norm. 


Wedding Boudoir Photography

Holy Matrimony brings two people deeply in love together and Bridal Boudoir Photography Sessions are the perfect gift for your significant other, and our teams would be happy to put together something that is soft and beautiful, or charged and daring.  The design of that is up to you. 

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